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Study Reveals Most Expensive US Housing Market

Source: | Re-Post MNM Partners, LLC 9/19/2016


A study has revealed that Silicon Valley is still the most expensive place to buy a home in the US.

Coldwell Banker’s Real Estate Home Listing Report shows that Saratoga, California is


Bay Area Slowest Expanding Area In US

Source: | Re-Post MNM Partners 9/8/2016

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The era of hypergrowth in Bay Area expansion is over. Though the region saw a sustained outward growth since 1940, the trend fell to a trickle in the 2000s. The Greater San Francisco


Can Millennials shake up Silicon Valley housing?

Source: | Re-Post MNM Partners, LLC 9/2/2016

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Outgoing Palo Alto planning commissioner Kate Downing stirred up an already heated debated about housing policies by posting her resignation letter. Not all is lost, she said in an interview. Younger leaders