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The Long-Term Stability of Commercial Real Estate Investing

According to a nationwide Bankrate survey*, real estate is America’s favorite long-term investment for 10 years or more. Since WWII real estate has produced similar returns to stock** and is considered an investment alternative to stocks in growing your money and retirement assets. Commercial real estate sightly outperformed the S&P 500 Index in a 20-year return average, with residential and diversified real estate investments even higher.^ Wealth building is a long-term investing strategy for your portfolio that will return income and, with more options to invest than ever before, it’s important to diversify your risk and reward. We pulled a few current interest rates for comparison and review.

*Interest rates posted as of 11/12/19 and fluctuate.

MNM Partners’ current offering, the Bascom Business Center has projections of target cash-on-cash monthly returns at 10%, along with a 21.24% IRR. Perfect for 1031 Exchanges, SDIRA funds, or cash. Take advantage of this value-add/secured opportunity. MNM Partners Track Record:
● First year positive returns
● Cash distributions
● Consistently achieved 20%+ IRR

* Bankrate Survey 7/19
**Good Financial Cents, Kevin Mercadante 10/19
^Investopedia 3/14/19