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This San Francisco Organization Is Resisting NIMBYism

Source: bisnow.com | Re-Post 10/23/2017 – 

A San Francisco organization is using its political prowess to fight back against a growing number of anti-housing activists. YIMBY Action is drafting legislation to promote more affordable housing, recruiting millennials to join in the fight and pushing back against NIMBYs and the current political atmosphere.

“We have to create a new reality where you may buy into a place, but communities grow and change over time,” YIMBY Action Executive Director Laura Clark said during a recent housing event in San Francisco. “That is a good thing.”

Part of the housing problem was legislated into existence, Clark said. With the passage of Prop 13, existing owners were de-incentivized to move since it keeps their taxes low until the home is sold. To make up the difference in taxes, the costs were passed on to new homeowners, new construction in the way of additional fees and sales tax increases, Clark said. Local governments also have immense control over what gets built.

“We created barriers to entry,” Clark said. “It was deliberate and done by existing communities who had the power to keep others out.”

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