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Why The Wealthy Put Their Money Into Multifamily & Commercial Real Estate

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Source: biggerpockets.com | Re-Post MNM Partners LLC, 4/2/2018 – 

Have you heard stats such as “80% of millionaires attribute their wealth to real estate”? Or heard stories of living the good life off passive cash flow from rental property? Combine this with the recent years of unpredictable, disappointing stock markets, and you get masses of people realizing they have no control over many of their investments and therefore their life savings. Tired of blindly following the crowd of 401K stuffers, many have started looking at why so many wealthy people own real estate. In this article, I will break down the numbers in the simple yet rarely talked about truths behind the wealth building abilities real estate carries.

Who doesn’t love to focus on the wealth and freedom real estate can give you? We all love it so much, we forget to explain how it does this. This void in education leads people jumping in not realizing that even some investment strategies within real estate do not carry the benefits of others.

Going to meetups, listening to podcasts, or reading articles, you frequently hear about people building wealth and the successes they have accomplished through owning investment real estate. What we forget to ask is why and how owning investment real estate is able to make this happen so much better than other investment strategies, including flipping, stocks, private lending, and any other form of investing. In this article, I will answer that very question.

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